Public Interest Disclosure Procedures

Publice Interest Disclosure Procedures

What are public interest disclosures?

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1994 (the Act) supports the reporting of wrongdoing in the public sector. The Act provides a method for any member of the public, including ACT public servants, to report wrongdoing in the ACT public sector. This is known as making a public interest disclosure (another familiar term is ‘whistle-blowing’).

These procedures apply to disclosures made to any ACT Government Agency including the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Who can make a disclosure?

Anyone can make a disclosure; however there are penalties for making deliberately false and/or misleading disclosures.

Who can receive a disclosure?

You can make a disclosure to the following bodies:

Initial contact

Anyone who wishes to make a complaint about actions by this office or its staff should be directed to the Corporate Manager on 6207 5399.

Nominated executive to receive disclosures

The Corporate Manager has been nominated by the Director to receive public interest disclosures.

How can a disclosure be made?

A disclosure can be made by either phoning the Corporate Manager or putting it in writing. There is no specific form for disclosures but you should mention your name and contact details. You do not have to mention your name however, if you do not, the DPP has no obligation to investigate the matter.

You will also need to include further information such as:

How is protection provided to a person making a disclosure?

The Act makes it an offence to victimise a person because that person has made a
disclosure. If the person making the disclosure is a Government employee and at risk
of victimisation they can be moved to another position. If the person making the
disclosure is victimised they are able to go to court to take action to stop the
victimisation or seek damages.

You may need to see a lawyer about your rights or if considering taking a case to court.

What happens after a disclosure has been made?

After you have made a disclosure the nominated executive (that is the Corporate
Manager) will be responsible for:

What may be disclosed?

The Act covers different kinds of wrongdoing in the ACT public sector such as:

Public Interest Disclosures for the ACT DPP should be forwarded to:

Corporate Manager
GPO Box 595
Canberra ACT 2601

More Information

Ask the contact officer or:

For further information, telephone or write to the following:

ACT Ombudsman
GPO Box 442
Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: 6276 0111

ACT Auditor General
PO Box 275
Civic Square ACT 2608
Ph: 6207 0833

If you are not happy with the outcome of your investigation you can check with the Ombudsman or the Auditor-General. You may have grounds for further action or complaint