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C.25 Model Litigant Guidelines

The model litigant guidelines apply to civil rather than criminal proceedings and are therefore not directly applicable to the work of the Office.

In making decisions in the prosecution process, prosecutors are guided by the procedures and standards which the law requires to be observed, and in particular by the Prosecution Policy promulgated by the Director. Like the origins of the model litigant principles, that policy reflects the higher standards of behaviour and disclosure required of the Crown.

C.26 Notices of noncompliance

There are no infringement notice offences against the Dangerous Substances Act 2004 for the reporting period.

C.27 Property Crime Reduction

The ACT Property Crime Reduction Strategy 2012–15 is a comprehensive and collaborative response to reducing property crime in the ACT. The DPP plays a crucial role in supporting key objectives of the strategy including:

In particular, as reported above the Office has a key role in the operation of the Galambany Court (Circle Sentencing Court).Annual Report contact details

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