The Structure of the Office

Structure of the Office

The office prosecutes all crime in the ACT from summary matters such as road transport offences and regulatory matters through to serious indictable matters such as murder, as well as conducting appeals to the ACT Court of Criminal Appeal and High Court.

The general practice has five function specific teams, each headed by a Supervising Lawyer in charge of a team of prosecutors. There is also a Crown Chambers consisting of Crown Prosecutors, Senior Advocates and Advocates responsible for the most serious criminal prosecutions and appeal work, as well as assisting to guide the offices policies.

The Confiscation of Criminal Assets (COCA) team is a dedicated team that sits outside of the team structure to ensure independence, and separation from the offices criminal prosecutions

The Director also has an executive team including a Deputy Director heading up a Crown Chambers, and an Assistant Directors who heads up the five function based teams. The executive also has an Executive Officer, Research Officer, Chief Financial Officer and an Office Manager, who heads up the Paralegal teams and Corporate Support.

DPP Organisational Chart