Victim Impact Statements


A Victim Impact Statements (VIS) is a statement made to the Court by or for a victim that contains details of any harm suffered by a victim because of the offence. It is provided to the Court after a person is convicted or pleads guilty to an offence. It is the victim’s choice whether to make a VIS. It may be important for some to do so, but not for others. A VIS is a good way to let the court know exactly how the offence has impacted on the lives of the victim and their families. 

You can make a VIS if you are a victim of the offence, a person who has parental responsibility for a victim of the offence, a close family member of a victim, a carer for the victim, or a person with an intimate personal relationship to the victim. Where someone other than the primary victim makes the statement, the victim must sign the statement saying that they do not object to the statement being made on their behalf. 

If you would like to know more about Victim Impact Statements, you can contact the Witness Assistance Service.