Employment Diversity Statement

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Employment Diversity Statement

This DPP aims to promote employment equality, diversity and inclusion for those of all ages, colours, races, ethnic or national origins, sexual orientation, marital and parental status, physical impairment, disability and religious beliefs.

The DPP recognises, respects, promotes and celebrates the value of diversity and adopts inclusive policies and strategies, and aims to have diversity within the DPP workforce commensurate with the community most impacted by its functions.

The DPP aims to have the number of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander staff not less than 5% of staff.

The DPP aims to be an inclusive environment for LGBTQIA people, people of all religions, all races, and disabled people.

The DPP will report annually on the percentage of DPP staff meeting the following;

  1. English not first language for self or at least one parent.
  2. Self or at least one parent born overseas.
  3. Identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander.
  4. Identifies as LGBTQIA.
  5. Identifies as possessing a disability.