The Prosecution Policy

Prosecution Policy

The Prosecution Policy

In making decisions in the prosecution process, prosecutors are guided by the procedures and standards which the law requires to be observed, and in particular by the Prosecution Policy and Guidelines promulgated by the Director pursuant to section 12 of the Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1990.

The Prosecution Policy was introduced in 1991 by the first Director Ken Crispin QC, and has been revised in April 2015, then again in April 2021.

The published policy ensures the consistency in decision making and guides officers in reaching sound decisions on the basis of an informed exercise of their judgement. The public availability of the document serves the dual purpose of making the decision-making process open and accountable, as well as ensuring that the public is informed of the principles which guide the Director of Public Prosecutions and his or her Office in the performance of their functions.

The Prosecution Policy is available on this website. (Prosecution Policy)