Temporary Employment Register

Temporary Employment Register

The DPP maintains a temporary employment register to fill short term vacancies as they arise.  We are currently seeking expressions of interest from individuals interested in temporary employment.  Vacancies will typically be for periods of 3-6 months although shorter or longer-term opportunities may also arise.

Employment may be full time or part time.  Pay and conditions will be in accordance with the relevant Enterprise Agreement depending on the employment steam of the vacancy.

What We Do

The Office is dedicated to maintaining a prosecuting agency that is fair and efficient and acts in the public interest.  We strive to use up to date management methods and technologies, and to provide our staff with training and development opportunities. 

Employment in the office does involve dealing with difficult and confronting materials and subject matter as part of the work we do. Prospective candidates should accordingly be aware that they may confront difficult materials in various forms as part of their work.

Our Ideal Candidates

We work in a dynamic and fast paced environment so we are looking for people who can deliver under pressure, manage competing priorities and respond quickly and flexibly to change.

The Opportunities

We are looking for candidates to joint our motivated and professional team covering a range of qualifications and backgrounds. They key areas across various grades and levels are:

  • Prosecutors
  • Paralegals
  • Administration Roles

The actual level of engagement will depend on the duties to be performed

Mandatory Qualifications

Eligibility for legal positions: Admitted to or eligible to practice as a legal practitioner in the ACT.

Minimum eligibility for Paralegal Positions:

Grade One: - willingness to undertake training in Certificate III in Business Administration (legal)

Grade Two -  Certificate IV in Legal Services

Grade Three – Certificate IV in Legal Services

Grade Five – Diploma of Legal Services

Eligibility for all positions: Successful candidates will be required to undergo a criminal record check.

Interested Candidates should submit their resume along with the:

Temporary Register Form [PDF Document 53 KB]

Temporary Register Form [DOC Document 153 KB]

Applications should indicate the hours they are available to work on the registration form.