Employment Opportunities at ACT DPP

Employment Opportunities at ACT DPP

The DPP offers employment opportunities in a range of challenging jobs including as lawyers, paralegals, clerical support and witness assistance officers.

The Office is dedicated to maintaining a prosecuting agency that is fair and efficient and acts in the public interest.  We strive to use up to date management methods and technologies, and to provide our staff with training and development opportunities. 

Employment in the office does involve dealing with difficult and confronting materials and subject matter as part of the work we do. Prospective candidates should accordingly be aware  that they may confront difficult materials in various forms as part of their work.

Employment opportunities with the Office are advertised at www.jobs.act.gov.au and may also be advertised in other media including  Seek.com. Current DPP job vacancies can also be found under Current Vacancies on this site.

The DPP also operates a Temporary Employment Register for non-ongoing vacancies. Note - all registrations expire after 3 months. If you wish your application to be considered for a longer period you will need to resubmit it again.

Work experience

Because of operational considerations, the Office is unable to provide opportunities for school students to gain work experience within the organisation.

Practical Legal Training Placements

Due to resource and  operational considerations, unfortunately the Office is unable to provide placements for Practical Legal Training for graduates.